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W E B C A M S (More coming someday... We're always moving things around here in the office; some cams might be out of service occasionally.)

The wbCam | Team Whiskey Bravo. Neutiquam Erro. The den of funky sin. Every 60 seconds, I think. Or 120.

The bkCam | The camera on Keaggy's desk. Known to feature inflatable aliens, random haircuts, G4s and Suzi Quatro. Every five minutes or so.

The FlashCam | Reggie and John working that interactive Flash stuff and playing with puppies and Legos. Uploads every minute or few minutes or something like that.

The xCam | The original. Black and white. Serial port-style soul. Now featuring people who are scanning things. Definitely not featuring Beth.

The SF/Cam | Watch Will, Dan, Brian and Mike in San Francisco. See occasional Business 2.0 folks. Unless there's a blackout, that is.

Spawn a remote window that cycles through the XPLANE webcams every 30 seconds. | Or look through the webcam archives.

XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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