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What is XPLANE? | February 19, 2001: Rising Media | “We're going places that no one's been before and exploring new territory. I think it's really exciting to me to create these works of art that are so useful to society. We are raising the level of education to the world. People are learning things that they would have never learned without us. As an artist, you also want to move people emotionally, and not a lot of people get a chance to do that.”

XPLANE-designed site chosen as “Best of the Web” | February 9, 2001: Forbes | “WorkingWounded.com... adds insight to injury with advice on workplace issues not found in employment manuals. Message boards feature gripes about things like giving money when co-workers ask for donations. The Confessional Corner lets others absolve or damn regretful behavior.”

Whole Earth magazine | February 1, 2001 | XPLANE's xblog is one of three web design weblogs recommended by Whole Earth magazine as “a few of the best.” The others include Jakob Nielsen's famous useit.com and Jason Kottke's infamous kottke.org. While we haven't seen the actual mention, we're flattered nonetheless.

Cross the Learning Desert in a Ferrari | January 23, 2001: LINE 'zine | “Pluck yourself from the learning desert, where lost travelers search for wisdom among dunes of data and mountains of meaninglessness to discover a once-lost oasis — understanding. Blending ancient communication methods with modern design ingenuity, XPLANE, a visual design firm based in St. Louis' historic Soulard district, designs learning products and interfaces that take you from zero to understanding in seconds.”

• XPLANE is featured in a new book by Ilise Benun called SELF-PROMOTION ONLINE. Ilise is the Director of the consulting firm Creative Marketing & Management and a national speaker. The books describes XPLANE's xblog weblog, our earlier online recruiting initiatives and information gathering through our web site. While the interviews were conducted in late 1999 and things change rapidly in the web world, the book seems to be a good introduction to different online marketing techniques and features a variety of other individuals and companies. Here the companion web site: selfpromotiononline.com. ...There's also an XPLANE map in a new book by St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Bill Allen. It's called Green Phoenix and it's a “literary journalistic tale” of restoring the tropical forests of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. | January 21, 2001

• XPLANE's Flash vs. GIF project gets a nice mention on goodexperience.com today: “This one graphic is perhaps the best, most succinct Flash tutorial available on the Web.” | January 19, 2001

Seattle's Technology Community Makes the Map | January 18, 2001: Yahoo! Finance | “The first ever Technology and Venture Map will soon be hitting the streets, featuring the Seattle area's hot 25 high-tech companies, venture funding sources, professional service providers, and Washington's leading industry groups. The Map itself will feature a colorful, graphical representation of the city designed by www.XPLANE.com, creators of Business 2.0 InfoGraphics, as well as a directory of Seattle's high-tech businesses, funding sources, and other supporting service providers and organizations.”

Business 2.0 wins SPJ awards | December 4, 2000: Business 2.0 | “Business 2.0, the international, award-winning media brand, has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) with awards for editorial excellence... Both award-winning articles included detailed information graphics by XPLANE, the creator of the magazine's easy-to-understand visual 'XPLANATIONS,' a feature that has established Business 2.0 as a leader in visual content, and sets it apart in a field of crowded New Economy and business titles.”

Review: xblog | the visual thinking weblog | November 29, 2000: ibiznewsletters.com | “The publication does have an incredible reach, finding interesting links you'd probably never come across on your own. And the links themselves are an eclectic, colorful mix. Some lead to sources of pragmatic advice and insight which any website manager, developer or designer would benefit from. Others have a more creative and artistic flavor, leading to, for example, a collection of 'digital experiments.'”

Metropolis Magazine: Screen Space | November 22, 2000 | “Considering all the hoopla about information design, there's a dearth of knowledgeable commentary on the subject both online and off. XPLANE, a small, young, St. Louis-based studio with an established track record for creating fresh and communicative information graphics, is attempting to remedy the situation. The firm specializes in a vivid cartoonlike house style intended to unravel the complex realities of high-tech companies — but they take this stuff seriously. Their site hosts an online posting of links to relevant an informative articles that is updated almost daily. Topics covered in the studio's 'visual thinking' weblog [xblog] and case studies include GUIs (graphical user interfaces), statistical maps, and discussions of internet protocols and brand strategy.”

New Project Puts Seattle's Technology Community on the Map | October 4, 2000: Yahoo! Finance | “The first ever Technology Venture Map will soon be hitting the presses, featuring the Seattle area's leading high-tech companies, venture funding sources, and professional service providers... The Map itself will feature a colorful, graphical representation of the city designed by www.XPLANE.com, creators of Business 2.0 InfoGraphics...”

St. Louis 50 to Watch | October 2, 1000: localbusiness.com | “Every quarter, LocalBusiness.com reporters and editors evaluate the hot growth companies in the region to find the ones worth watching. We're focused on the private and small- to mid-cap public companies that we feel are changing the economy, but not getting much credit for it.” Why XPLANE is on the list: “Graphic design with a twist. Strong revenue growth.”

XPLANE.com reviewed on AstoundingWeb.org | September 12, 2000: AstoundingWeb.org | “XPLANE is an ideal example of a commercial web development presence done right. They balance their formidable professional offerings with genuine contributions to the web-community-at-large.”

XPLANE puts itself in the picture | September 6, 2000: dbusiness | “Explaining things using pictures isn't new. Newspapers like USA Today use graphic artists to explain complicated sequences, such as how the Concorde jet explosion happened. But the artistic communication skills needed to present a complex situation in an easy-to-understand way are hard to come by. So Dave Gray launched XPLANE, with the belief that many companies needed the services of what he calls 'visual thinkers.'”

Illustrations draw investors | August 10, 2000: CNN | “Can you explain what exactly it is your business does? Can you make your company's mission perfectly clear to anyone who asks? ... One small company called XPLANE Corp. — a startup itself — has grown dramatically in the last year, creating visual representations of companies for business plans, meetings and corporate presentations. According to the company's CEO, Ted Elsas, XPLANE is succeeding on its ability to boil down complex business ideas into simple visual representations.”

Trends: Software, Reinvented | September 2000: MacWorld | “Software makers aren't moving away from the air-filled cardboard box model of product distribution because they've been stricken with a renewed sense of environmental awareness. They're doing it because people have moved onto the Web... [The] XPLANE [xblog] offers detailed descriptions of Web-based applications it's found useful and interesting.”

Extra!-Net, magazine of Infonomía | July 29, 2000: Infonomia | Translated from Spanish: “Regarding information visualization, see the excellent graphics of XPLANE (http://www.xplane.com/) in each Business 2.0.”

Comix: An explainer of process | July 26, 2000: Contenu | “Some people learn and understand better from words, others from images. You cover all your bases. Case in point: XPLANE, best-known for their editorial illustrations in Business 2.0. Xplane's stick figures, combined with a few choice sentences, meet any definition of comix, including McCloud's. The stickperson format adds a light-hearted air to the subject-matter, hardcore technology. (XPLANE's xblog, incidentally, is frighteningly chock-full of well-categorized information.) Where does illustration end and comix begin? It has to do with telling a story. An illo or a photo can exist by itself. Comix are sequential (hence the term 'sequential art'). An illo or a photo lends itself to a single thought, to epitomization. Comix lend themselves to processes, to explanation.”

Bootcamp for Startups | Ongoing: Garage.com | XPLANE is always a sponsor of the garage.com Bootcamp events. Stop by and say hi! “Attention. Join Garage.com's two-day Bootcamp for Startups. Learn the fundamentals of taking your company from startup to IPO. Hear from the high tech industry's top investors, experts, and entrepreneurs. Gain invaluable information about raising capital, building a buzz, hiring top talent, and launching your product.”

Focus: Best Places To Work: XPLANE | May 29, 2000: St. Louis Business Journal | “'Accountability is an important thing here,' said Andrew Robbins, a team leader and artist. 'If you're stressed out, you can go to the zoo for the afternoon. As long as you know you are accountable for your hours and meet your deadlines, and you know you may have to come back on Saturday, you can leave if you want.'”

Globalstreams Launches Monthly Broadband Guide | May 22, 2000: InternetNews.com | “GlobalStreams Magazine is media guide that features stories on broadband entertainment and media available on the Internet, listings of live and on-demand streaming content, product reviews, industry insight and more. The magazine was designed in conjunction with XPLANE | The Visual Thinking Company.”

Visual Masters | May 15, 2000: office.com | “XPLANE graphics embody the principle that an image conveys the message better than words.”

For-profit incubators help start-up companies take off | May 15, 2000: St. Louis Business Journal | “Dot-com age has spawned a new breed that provides a broad range of services ... to assist emerging companies.”

Torture testing Business 2.0 | April 2000: eMALE | “...where Fast Company concerns itself with broader issues in business, Business 2.0 is single minded in its coverage of the web. Big job, made harder by the blistering pace of change and development. One of the tools this title uses to outstanding effect are the graphics developed by XPLANE to help us mortals to understand portals and the mechanics of the web. Simplification of anything is a worthwhile endeavour...”

A Highly Usable and Informative Publication | November 5, 1999: epinions.com | “Some publications take pride in confusing readers — but not Business 2.0. They generously pepper the magazine with XPLANE.com's concise, yet friendly, information graphics. XPLANE.com is a consultancy specializing in 'Visual Thinking,' which is essentially the art of representing complex tasks and processes with simple and easy to understand graphics. I would venture to say that these supporting images enhance my understanding of some articles by well over 50%. It's one of the reasons that I am such a loyal reader.”

Internet guru launches trivia cartoon | October 7, 1999: CANOE | “E-Trivia is a one-panel cartoon with four components: a little-known fact about the Internet, a trivia question and answer, a Web address for a related site and a computer-generated illustration by St.-Louis-based xplane.com graphics.”

XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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