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Anchovy, artist, rare action figure. Comes loose with no packaging, missing pieces. C-6 or C-7 condition. Lots of wear around the edges. Over 50 points of articulation with original outfit. Dress him up, fun! Die-cast inner workings. Some accesories included; rockets still fire. Changes color in direct sunlight after many hours! Serious bids only. Winner pays shipping. Min bid $1. Thanks.

Doug Bobenhouse, red-headed visual thinking evangelist, buzz builder, partnership person, accidental recruiter. Seeker of WOW. Um, not a rockstar.

Tom Borgman, creative director. Still trying to wash the ink off his hands. Old enough to have used MacDraw professionally. Fired from his last job for trying to clear his Mac screen like an Etch-a-Sketch. It worked.

Jackie Cooper, COO, is cat-like, but is not actually a cat.

Beth Cuneo, project manager, recently quit smoking and is currently interviewing new vices. Loves Kansas basketball, Cardinals baseball and the fact that only once did the entire right field bleachers yell “kick her out, kick her out.”

Ted Elsas, Business Development, removed his hair after a freaky haircut disaster and has no expectation of replacing it. Loves to spread the XPLANE story and has dreams of being promoted to an artist. Addicted to eating out, he needs a steady supply of good restaurant recommendations. If you have some, please send them to him at telsas@xplane.com. Here is the current top 10.

Harry Erman, theoretical person, receives XPLANE's general eMail and is in charge of all decisions regarding the phone service.

Scott Gericke (pronounced ger-key), creative counselor and planning team member, helps define all that is XPLANEd! A suburban man who left his heart in the city, Scott longs for the day his push mower will be replaced by a shiny new lawn tractor. An adjunct lecturer at Washington University, Scott teaches graphic design and oversees X-Acto™ knife dart competitions. He and his wife can be spotted walking their golden retriever, Woody, on the green streets of Webster Groves.

Dale Gramlich, finance, is the level-headed one.

Dave Gray, founder and president, creative director, has been fascinated with pictures, technology, big machines and bright colors since childhood.

Will Horton, special projects, abandoned the corruption of musical celebrity status for the purity of information design.

Kevin Huizenga, artist and mini-comics bookleteer. His comics have been classified as neo-Sincerist, though some of his more recent work has shown signs of becoming post-Sincere.

Brian Kaas, artist, serious individual. All business.

The Bill Keaggy, creative director, designosaur, overcame a youthful indiscretion with hedge trimmers and has been arranging things in very particular layouts ever since.

Mike Kelley, artist, sometimes gets called Greg (?). Hangs in the S.F office with Will, Dan and Brian.

Brielle Killip, designer/brandingateer, likes to laugh. Ever meet an arty creative woman who shows immense skill at bookbinding and typography, yet incongruously drives up in a big piece of Detroit steel known as a Chevy Suburban?

jefflash, web builder, decided to forgo his final year of college and declare himself available for the XPLANE draft. He was chosen in the second round by the interactive team in exchange for an illustrator and intern to be named later. Is a dotcom.

Mark Lukas, philosopher, likes dogs.

John Marstall, animation/web artist, escaped from Cartesian skepticism (through his philosophy major) just in time to land in the world of digital media, where nothing is real anyway. Favorite topics include plausibility structures, subject-object disjunctions and the implausibility of hard determinism. Runs a popular Mac icon site.

Ted May, artist, content provider, appreciates comics and amusing jargon such as “frictionless.”

Margaret Mertens, books/admin., is a closet personal trainer posing as an administrative chick. Wants to rule the world and tell everyone where to park. Has an opening for a roommate.

Alyssa Naucas, (pronounced now-chess), artist. Together with Jack and Spike, “Doc and the High-Flying Hamster,” Alyssa daily practices a daring trapeze act that will someday allow the troupe to start the first ever XPLANE Circus Branch. Coming May 2001 to a tent near you.

Cindy Quinn, rhythmic marketeer. Must have daily doses of cafè lattès. Lives for life, adores hats, has a strange fetish for shoes, loves the bond of marriage and dreams of one day singing and dancing on Broadway.

Andrew Robbins, artist, is a NSWM whose interests include autobiographical comic books, romantic walks in the park, quiet nights at home and mouthing off at the most inappropriate of times. Serious inquiries only.

Chris Roettger, artist. Tempermental, likes people most of the time.

Reggie Tidwell, Chief Animation Guy (CAG), Master of Movement, Man of Motion, Maestro of Mobility.

Patty Webb, sales n' marketing, loves the beach, digging in the dirt, putting things together, family road trips (at least the first 100 miles), and all things vintage.

Jeff Wilson, artist, writer, is here to care and share. Enjoys vector graphics and punk rock. Has recurring dreams about the gradient mesh tool.

Lin Wilson, creative director, studied illustration in New York with Robert Weaver, who said, “To fiction illustration the illustrator should bring the accuracy of journalism, to journalism the drama of fiction, and to editorial illustration the contradictions of reality.” Lin has a Mac computer collection.

Dan Zettwoch, artist, has created elaborate alternate universes on scraps of paper since he was a small child.

XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.
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