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Old Macs currenty running in Lin's garage.
Museum Hours: 8-6 M-F, with tours by appointment.

Applications available: Dark Castle, Spaceship Warlock, Falcon, Vette, Wordtris, Shufflepuck, Superpaint, Eliza.

Macintosh Plus | Production run: 1986-1990 | Cost me $80 (bought at Goodwill). 8 mhz of simplicity. At 4 mgs of Ram, this guy runs an old version of Excel like a mustang.
Macintosh SE | Production run: 1987-1989 | Free (found in illustrator Kevin Pope's garage). The built in hard drive is a nice idea. Ran Tetris and Dark Castle well.
Macintosh ci | Production run: 1989-1993 | Cost me $4000 (and worth every damn dime). My desert island Mac. Rarely bombed. Solid machine could hold 128 mgs of Ram. Ran Photoshop 2 and Illustrator 3.2 and revolutionized publishing. This one supported me for four years.
Macintosh 7500 | Production run: 1995-1996 | Cost me $3200. Among the first PCI PowerMacs, some of them caught fire at Kinko's. Not bad if you like System 7.5.
SuperMac c500e | Production run: 1996 | When Steve Jobs shut it down. | Cost me $1200. At the time, Apple was turning out duds. This had good Ram, Ethernet and a big hard drive for iMac prices.
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