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XPLANE's Planning Group takes a systems-thinking approach to uncover opportunities and execute solutions based on a holistic view of your business and marketplace.

These case studies will help you learn more about what we can do for you.

MUNDER @VANTAGE | Content, brand, information graphics, interactive graphics, direct mail | Project: MUNDER @VANTAGE, a new, high risk Internet fund for high net worth individuals. XPLANE's approach embraced the idea of risk and displayed it prominently. Instead of trying to sugar-coat the volatile nature of the fund, it used a stark red-and-black presentation and terse copy to explain the fund in a simple, clear way.

Business 2.0 | information graphics and character development | A startup magazine directed at new media technology and business professionals. XPLANE helped to capture the imagination and loyalty of Internet entrepreneurs and business leaders by giving them “need to know” information about the new economy without wasting their time.

Online Insight | Brand, identity, sales materials, information graphics | Online Insight sells web-based software that helps consumers make complex purchases. Decision-makers are confused about the difference between the products and services offered within this marketplace. We saw an opportunity to make the buying decision easier with a series of simple illustrations that clearly described the product.

WorkingWounded.com | web environment, architecture and character development | Working Wounded, the syndicated column and the web site, cuts through the hoo-haw and give you solid advice on a variety of workplace issues. WW needed a provocative new web site that helped feature its broad content — but was still a lot of fun for at-work surfers.

BuyPlastics.com | interactive and information graphics | A business-to-business, design, collaboration and product management e-community tailored to support the plastics industry, BuyPlastics needed to describe its features and benefits to the different players in the industry using an information graphic and an animated explanation.

Verde | interactive learning environment, information graphics and web art | Verde supports consumers in making daily lifestyle decisions that positively affect the environment. XPLANE built an add-on web site module that takes the viewer on a self-guided tour through the world of polystyrene and its effects on the environment, from the molecular level to daily life to the global level.

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XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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