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Business 2.0 | Case study

Your brand is your livelihood. On the Web, only the strongest brands will survive. We can pump energy and vitality into your brand by designing characters and environments that not only describe complex ideas and business models but reflect your unique identity and proclaim it to the world.

Client: Business 2.0 magazine, a startup magazine for business leaders in the new economy | business2.com

Project: Create a system for displaying high-tech information

Essence of the problem: Capture the imagination and loyalty of Internet entrepreneurs and business leaders by giving them “need to know” information about the new economy without wasting their time.

Process: Business 2.0 is a print publication, but its design borrows conventions from both the Internet and business executives' busy lives — from napkin-sketches and highlighted text to Web-like navigation systems. XPLANE worked with the magazine to create a modular system of highly functional graphics with a bright, high-energy look and feel. Look for them every month.

Result: Business 2.0's circulation climbed from zero to 150,000 in its first six months of publication.

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