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BuyPlastics.com | Case study

Interactive graphics can take a description of your product or process to a whole new level. XPLANE can draw you a picture then turn that picture into an interactive world where your customers can get closer to the information, entering a live, moving experience filled with visuals and sound. Interactive graphics tell stories. They engage people. They make things clear. They take information graphics to the next level.

Client: BuyPlastics.com, a business-to-business, design, collaboration and product management e-community tailored to support the plastics industry | buyplastics.com

Project: Create an information graphic and a Flash animation defining BuyPlastics.com and describing benefits to the different players in the plastics industry.

Essence of the problem: Helping a new website define itself to the industry that will utilize it. Buyplastics required both print and interactive solutions to this problem.

Process: By depicting BuyPlastics.com as a physical space with unique characters operating within it, XPLANE created still and animated graphics which clearly illustrate not only what BuyPlastics.com is, but how it functions in its industry and how it is relevant to individual players within this industry.

See an interactive graphic and an information graphic...

BuyPlastics.com Popup iconHere's the interactive graphic: Collaborate to innovate.

Popup iconHere's the information graphic: The plastics industry needs to get products to market faster.

Popup iconGet Flash so you can view the interactive graphic.

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