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MUNDER @VANTAGE | Case study

Company: Munder Capital Management offers mutual funds, primarily through brokers

Product: MUNDER @VANTAGE, a new, high risk Internet fund for high net worth individuals

Approach: XPLANE began by conducting an overall situation audit with Munder's senior level portfolio managers in a one-day whiteboard session. The session resulted in three options for positioning the fund, one of which was chosen for execution.

Challenge: The primary seller of the fund was going to be independent brokers who were out of the direct control of Munder. If they weren't hooked, customers would never see the material. Also, the high-risk nature of the fund would only appeal to a small, wealthy portion of the brokers' clientele.

Opportunity: XPLANE's approach embraced the idea of risk and displayed it prominently. Instead of trying to sugar-coat the volatile nature of the fund, it used a stark red-and-black presentation and terse copy to explain the fund in a simple, clear way.

Materials designed by XPLANE:
  • Postcards to brokers and investors announcing the fund
  • Postcard to brokers and investors announcing final opportunity
  • Selling kit for brokers explaining the fund and how to sell it
  • Print piece explaining the fund to investors
  • One-page description of the fund for brokers and investors
  • Website describing the fund to the public | Flash or Non-Flash
  • Flash presentation for the fund's roadshow

Testomonial: “XPLANE helped us develop content and graphics for our most recent fund launch, the MUNDER @VANTAGE fund. At the outset we knew this project would involve many different messages and media types. As is typically the case we were dealing with an impossibly short deadline. XPLANE greatly exceeded our expectations, delivering creative and insightful graphics and text on or before deadline. Further, they provided tremendous production help without the unpleasant surprises that we have encountered with other partners. I highly recommend this creative team to anyone looking to illustrate a complex or difficult concept in an elegant way.” — Paul Cook, MUNDER @VANTAGE | More testimonials

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