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Online Insight | Case study

Company: Online Insight sells web-based software that helps consumers make complex purchases

Product: Precision Solutions, a suite of software and the consulting that goes with it

Approach: XPLANE worked closely with experts at Online Insight to understand the product and design a clean, professional media kit.

Challenge: Online Insight sales reps needed to have equal business stature with other companies in the industry, which included major players like IBM.

Opportunity: Decision-makers are confused about the difference between the products and services offered within this marketplace. We saw an opportunity to make the buying decision easier with a series of simple illustrations that clearly described the product.

Materials designed by XPLANE:
Corporate identity including modular system for Precision Solutions Media Kit
  • Precision Choice logos
  • Business card
  • Sales material cover
  • Sample page
  • Sample spread

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Online Insight

Online Insight

Online Insight

Online Insight

Online Insight
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