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Verde | Case study

An interactive learning interface can turn the most complex topics into an easily-understood — and engaging — presentation.

Client: Verde, a company that supports consumers in making daily lifestyle decisions that positively affect the environment. | verde.com

Project: Build an interactive learning environment that was fun to use — but serious, reflecting the impact that corporations' and consumers' decisions regarding the use of polystyrene can have on the environment.

Essence of the problem: The presentation was for normal, everyday people — not gung-ho environmentalists or government officials. XPLANE needed to make sure that even a busy person could get the information quickly and easily, but was sufficiently engaged to explore the whole web site module. The “mouseover” interface effectively puts easily accessible information everywhere on the page, all the time but is never overwhelming.

See the interactive learning module, an information graphic and other XPLANE artwork on the Verde site...

Verde Popup iconHere's the interactive presentation: Polystyrene in our lives.

Popup iconHere's an information graphic: How global warming works.

Popup iconSee XPLANE's header art on the Verde website: verde.com.

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