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WorkingWounded.com | Case study

Creating and maintaining an engaging web environment for your users is important. Yahoo!-style designs are not always the appropriate solution. Some sites simply beg to be taken further.

XPLANE can develop interfaces that are different. Different, but functional. Compelling. Entertaining. Provocative. Unique to your message and your audience.

Client: WorkingWounded.com, a web site that cuts through the hoo-haw and give its readers solid advice on a variety of workplace issues | workingwounded.com

Project: Redesign and re-establish WorkingWounded.com as the premier site for the cubicle-dwellers of the world to come and commiserate, offer advice, get advice and share war stories.

Essence of the problem: Most WorkingWounded.com visitors were entering during business hours on fast connections so we had some bandwidth to work with. WW needed something unique and powerful to draw people in and keep them coming back. Something memorable.

Process: XPLANE worked with WorkingWounded.com to understand what kind of content its users wanted and needed. To top it off we developed a visual solution that put a humorous spin on the real world's daily grind.

Result: WorkingWounded.com's users have eMailed numerous testimonials like the following: “Just wanted to say the site is very inviting. I love the design. Very creative.” ... “Hey — all looks awsome — way to go!!!” ... “How could you have made this site any better? Great job!!!”

See the web environments...

Working Wounded Popup iconThe workingwounded.com home page: workingwounded.com.

Popup iconThe Postcards page: workingwounded.com/postcards.

Popup iconThe Confessional page: workingwounded.com/confessional.

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