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The reverse merger process. [Technozoids] Nanotechnology. [Maxmen] Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology. [Technozoids] Harper\'s: Satellites and space junk orbiting the earth. [Proprietry Style Development] Go to the WorkingWounded.com case study. [Proprietary Style Development] Harper's magazine: The G.W. Bush Money Tree. [Icon People]
Go to the Anheuser-Busch case study. Maxim magazine. Where people have sex. [Proprietry Style Development] Business 2.0: Marketmakers. [Business 2.0 Ant People] Go to the Flash vs. GIF case study. [Technozoids] Using iMotors.com. [Jazz People] Business 2.0: Websites for ALL ages. [Business 2.0 Ant People]
Eventbox.com: Comprehensive entertainment information. [Proprietry Style Development] Go to the BuyPlastics.com case study. [Star People] Integrated services over DSL. [Technozoids] The New eCommerce Engine [Business 2.0 Ant People] Building an 8-10 lane roadway underground. [Icon People] Go to the next page of the XPLANE portfolio.
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