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The XPLANE Projects Group | Planning Group

XPLANE's Projects Group works on assignments that meet a realized need and clearly defined goal. These projects are based on available and known information.

These case studies will help you learn more about what we can do for you.

Digimarc | information graphics | Creator of copyright-protection and tracking software. XPLANE helped them explain their “digital watermark” to potential partners.

USWeb | information graphics | Provider of Internet strategy, marketing and Web-based business process applications. XPLANE helped to showcase Web-based enterprise solutions engineered for various industries.

Anheuser-Busch | interactive presentation and information graphics | AB needed an information graphic and an interactive presentation to help explain their “Advertising Gauntlet” to the public.

Flash vs. GIF | interactive and information graphics | We wanted to create an interactive (and information) graphic that described the differences between Flash, or vector-based graphics, and GIFs, or raster images.

VentureWorx | web interfaces and character development | An integrated eBusiness incubator designed to find and generate cutting-edge, Web-focused business ideas. XPLANE created an identity, a web presence, and some “proof of concept” demo sites.

St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone | information graphics | XPLANE's graphics helped describe a two-inch thick HUD proposal and helped win this organization a $99 million grant.

XPLANATIONs | animated explanations and interactive graphics | Business 2.0 needed some “proof of concept” animated explanations to complement XPLANE's popular print information graphics.

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