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Digimarc | Case study

Your process is constantly evolving. Competition forces you to make the most of technology and other innovations just to stay afloat. Helping your people keep up with constant change isn't easy. We can draw a picture that shows everybody exactly where they fit and why they're important — so you can keep up with the Joneses without ignoring today's business.

Client: Digimarc, creator of copyright-protection and tracking software | digimarc.com

Project: Demonstrate the value of Digimarc's “digital watermark”

Essence of the problem: How do you show people a product whose main benefit is that it's invisible?

Process: Simply explaining how digital watermarks are created would not demonstrate the product's value, which is not in the mark itself but how it allows copyright information to be tracked over the Web. XPLANE created a graphic which followed one image through the entire process, beginning when the digital watermark is embedded and showing the various ways it can be tracked.

See some information graphics...

Digimarc Popup iconHow Digimarc's Smart Images “point”.

Popup iconDigimarc's Smart Image.

Popup iconHow Digimarc protects your images.

Popup iconContent delivery and communication.

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