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Explaining fundamental technologies with interactive, understandable chunks of information — for customers, clients and employees — is a new economy basic. Can you imagine reading a 200 page, technobabble-filled white paper every time you were introduced to something new? Just keeping up with business would put you out of business. Good information and interactive graphics can keep you — and everyone around you — up-to-speed and informed in this modern world.

Client: Ourselves (XPLANE) | xplane.com

Project: Build a set explanations that would help us describe the differences, advantages and/or pitfalls of creating Flash animations versus GIF graphics.

Essence of the problem: Flash is frequently over-used and abused — but at the same time, animated GIFs have been bashed for their clunkiness and obnoxiousness. We needed to present the information in a clear, even tone and let the viewer decide for him- or herself.

Process: We brainstormed the content and created a useful Flash presentation that was amusing but informative. This time, we actually worked backwards and created the information graphic after the interactive version.

Result: The Flash vs. GIF Xplanation became a quick hit in Flash circles and the link quickly spread all over the world. Plus, it's helping us help clients make decisions.

See an interactive graphic and an information graphic...

Flash vs. GIF Popup iconHere's the interactive graphic: Flash vs. GIF.

Popup iconHere's the information graphic: Flash vs. GIF.

Popup iconGet Flash so you can view the interactive graphic.

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