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St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone | Case study

Your vision moves you forward. If your people don't understand your vision you're sunk. But today's companies are moving toward complex goals that involve technology, process and infrastructure. We can draw a picture that captures the essence of your vision — a road map for the future — that'll save you a thousand words of lengthy explanation.

Client: St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone | focus-stl.org/zone

Project: $99 million HUD grant proposal

Essence of the problem: This proposal was two inches thick, packed full of community initiatives. We needed to show how they knitted together to support the overall vision.

Process: Starting with the “scoresheet” that would be used to rank grant proposals, XPLANE worked with the Executive Committee to uncover the elements of the overall vision that addressed those criteria in the most compelling way. XPLANE designed graphics to serve as “roadmaps” to the entire grant, giving grant reviewers a conceptual framework within which every initiative had its place.

Result: St. Louis' proposal was ranked second out of more than 100 applications from around the country, winning the Empowerment Zone $99 million over the next ten years, pending congressional approval.

See some brainstorming sketches and the final information graphic...

STLREZ Popup iconSketch #1: Getting organized.

Popup iconSketch #2: Taking notes.

Popup iconSketch #3: Getting close.

Popup iconThe final graphic: Building the Bridge.

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