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USWeb/CKS | Case study

Your product can be drawn from a thousand different angles. The best way to visualize it depends on who you're talking to. Whether your product is a thing, a network, a system or a process, whether it's visible or invisible, we'll make it into a picture. And whether you're talking to techies, investors or consumers, we'll draw the picture that speaks their language.

Client: USWeb (now marchFirst), provider of Internet strategy, marketing and Web-based business process applications | uswebcks.com

Project: Showcase Web-based enterprise solutions engineered for various industries

Essence of the problem: USWeb is not selling machines or software, but its ability to configure both in a mea���ful way. XPLANE created graphic depictions of USWeb products and services that clearly showed how they solve real problems for real people, rather than highlighting technology.

See some information graphics...

USWeb/CKS Popup iconShowing Electronic Services.

Popup iconShowing The Process.

Popup iconShowing Human Resources.

Popup iconShowing The Audience.

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