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VentureWorx | Case study

Your web interface is a critical point of contact between you and your customer. The interface should be so intuitive that it's hardly noticed. Make your customers' lives just a little easier and you'll find fanatical loyalty. Force them to hunt for simple information and they'll skip to the next offering without a second thought.

XPLANE can streamline, hone and refine your interface so your customers can find what they want, when they want it — and even have a little fun along the way.

Client: VentureWorx, an integrated eBusiness incubator designed to find and generate cutting-edge, Web-focused business ideas | ventureworx.com

Project: Build a Web site that sets VentureWorx apart from the crowd of corporate “idea factories.”

Essence of the problem: Helping a new business stand out in order to get people interested in working there and investing in it.

Process: XPLANE developed unique animated characters and designed a non-traditional, but understandable, interface for the Web site. Rather than using stock photos clichéd of business situations or employing the tired “links-down-the-left” navigation system, XPLANE set up a well-branded — but fun — web environment.

See the web site and the characters...
(VentureWorx has since redesigned their site. The links below will take you to a local copy of the original site that XPLANE designed.)

VentureWorx Popup iconGo to the home page: ventureworx.com.

Popup iconGo to the “How it works” page: ventureworx.com/how.html.

Popup iconGo to the “What it is” page: ventureworx.com/what.html.

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