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Animated explanations bring more of the real word to information graphics and therefore bring greater impact and immersion to the reader. Good sound, motion and pacing all work to drive home your point — and make sure it's remembered.

Client: Business 2.0 magazine, a startup magazine for business leaders in the new economy | business2.com

Project: Use Flash to create animated explanations of pre-existing print information graphics, also known as XPLANATIONs.

Essence of the problem: Quickly make a point without being boring — or hurried.

Process: XPLANE created a simple “mouseover” interface that, when initiated, presented to the user a humorous, but informative, look at the potentially dry topic of PDA content and interface design. Other XPLANATIONs feature different functionality but make the case just as strongly.

See the interactive XPLANATION...

PDA design Popup iconPDA content and interface design: Going to camp vs. boot camp.

Popup iconGet Flash so you can view the animated explanation.

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