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At XPLANE, we feel that informed people make better decisions. We respect a person's time, so we communicate quickly. We respect a person's intelligence, so we emphasize the essential. We respect a person's need for information, so our creations are learning experiences. In everything we do, we respect a person's preference for pictures. We call this visual thinking.

XPLANE is a visual thinking company.

XPLANE's Projects Group works on assignments that meet a realized need and clearly defined goal. These projects are based on available and known information. Case studies >>

XPLANE's Planning Group takes a systems-thinking approach to uncover opportunities and execute solutions based on a holistic view of your business and marketplace. Case studies >>

XPLANE's Portfolio contains work created in many formats for many audiences. We feel there is no boundary to the possible applications of visual thinking. Examples >>

Some examples of what we've done so far include:
• Information graphics
• Interactive explanations and learning tools
• Animated explanations
• Presentation materials
• Interface and web design
• Character development
• Situation audits
• Future vision maps
• Sales training and tools
• Corporate identity systems
• Product rollouts
• Customer experience maps
• Competitive landscape maps
• Complex process maps

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XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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