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The xblog | The XPLANE Weblog (xblog) is the best place to go to find (*mostly) visual communication links. It's updated daily. And it's fully archived by subject and date. If you want to get the xblog's daily links in your eMail, just sign up.

A Day in the Life of XPLANE | On September 18, 2000, we chronicled 24 hours in the life of XPLANE. It includes 225 pictures, webcam photos, screen shots and captions.

XPLANE Auctions | We're auctioning off stuff on eBay — shirts, mugs, posters, stickers, and more!

XPLANE | Shop | I caved in and made some pretty nifty CafePress.com shirts, mugs and mousepads for XPLANE. We have other, older shirts available, but no online store to sell them in right now. Inquire if you're interested. Lots more soon!

The XPLANE webcams | Live! Check out all the clicking, cutting and pasting happening at XPLANE HQ. Uploaded every minute of the day except when we're listening to Guns 'n' Roses. (We usually aren't.)

The XPLANE Styles Portfolio | View a sampling of our illustration styles. Fun! Here's the regular portfolio.

XPLANE | WAP | A mini version of the XPLANE site is available for viewing on your cellphone, PDA, or WAP-enabled device. Even if you don't have a WAP-enabled device, you can see what the site looks like through our WAP emulator.

XPLANE xCards | Send a friend or colleague an eCard custom-made by XPLANE. It'll make you cool. More designs coming...

XPLANE Desktop Pictures | These desktops were originally vertical posters we printed as gifts. They're details on some information graphics and character development we've done. We'll make the desktops available in other resolutions if you ask nicely. More designs coming...

Testimonials | Read what our clients are saying about us.

Press | Mentions in the press.

XPLANE Radio is available. You can now listen to music made by XPLANErs while looking at stuff made by XPLANErs. We're not rock stars, but sometimes we like to think we are.

The Webfeeds page | Top Web developer, Website owner, Internet, Technology and Arts & Culture headlines provided by moreover.com. Updated 24 hours a day.

The Jobs page | Sorry, no listings at the moment...

The Search page | The XPLANE site is fully indexed and searchable. You can also search the Web using Google, Oingo, Yahoo! Hotbot, AltaVista and AEIWI. Or look up a word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary or thesaurus or the ARTFL/Roget's Thesaurus. You can also search Amazon for books, music, video, toys and/or electronics. Or do a Whois or domain lookup with DomainSurfer. All from one page.

eMail Reminder Service | This free reminder service will send you an eMail whenever you specify. Use it to remind yourself of important dates and events — from deadlines, meetings or trips to birthdays or anniversaries.

What's Jeff Listening To? | Each day, jefflash keeps track of what he listens to. Really. And you can read all about it.

BloggerCams | Peek in on your favorite webloggers with this collection of links.

xplane.epinions.com | “The ultimate online shopping guide.”

Random XPLANE page | This link randomly loads any of a number of pages from the XPLANE site. Requires JavaScript.

XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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