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XPLANE Radio features music from some of your favorite XPLANE employees. The music currently includes rock, pop, folk, jazz and lame home-recording scronk (Rudy). Be sure to stay tuned (pun intended) as we add music and sounds from more employees, encompassing other styles. XPLANE Radio is broadcast through live365.com.

Our playlist (currently on random/shuffle) features the following material:

The Sun Sawed in 1/2 | Featuring Doug Bobenhouse on vocals and guitars

From their album Bewilderbeest:
  + Kiss Her Like You Mean It
  + The Beholder & His Eye
  + In The Kyiv Sea
  + MeMyself&Eye
  + Shiny Objects
  + Song #11
  + Shining Knight
  + Denny's Lounge
  + Everythingoes
  + Painting
  + Today I Fell
  + Still Rain
  + Settle Down

the insideOUT jazz quartet | Featuring Jeff Lash on vibraphone, from material previously unreleased:
  + One By One
  + Spain
  + Just the Three of Us
  + Softly (As In a Morning Sunrise)
  + One Finger Snap
  + Nefertiti (live)
  + Pinnochio (live)
   + Sea Journey (live)

The Lemon Grove Kids | Featuring Jeff Wilson on guitar and vocals, from material previously unreleased:
  + What You Ought
  + Comet
  + Better Days
  + Lemon Grove Kids Theme
  + Stacy Lockwood

The New Speedway Kings | Featuring Jeff Wilson on bass and vocals, from material previously unreleased:
  + Untitled 1
  + Untitled 2
  + Criminal

The Skalars | Featuring Will Horton on bass, from their album Change Up:
  + Change Up
  + Black Raven
  + Wishing For You
  + After The Show
  + Jam
  + Hold Me Tight
  + Mixed Blessing
  + Strikeout Summer
  + Box Of Death
  + Follow Through
  + This Is It

The Skalars | From their album Skoolin' with the Skalars:
  + Spoiled Brat
  + Beechwood 4-5789
  + Puppet Lover
  + Don't Count
  + Bloodshot Eyes
  + Special K
  + The Row
  + Phat Steaks
  + High Schools
  + Sitting
  + I Love You
  + Junbok

Who is Rudy Charisma, and why? For the health of the listener, these songs are limited to mostly instrumentals... We apologize for the atonal home-recordiness of these...

From the album maximumbelts, by The Belts:
  + The actionsoundsuperbandtheme (featuring Morgan the Lotus)

From the album the salubrious return of..., by Rare White Squirrel:
  + Drunken Concern (featuring Mike Elliot)

From the album Cool Circus, by Rudy Charisma:
  + Artmatic Intermission

From the album Belt Avenue, by Rudy Charisma:
  + Far Out Martini
  + Airplane Song

From the album In one ear and out your mother, by Rudy Charisma:
  + Carry on, dead man (featuring Nappy Solo)

From the album The Bipolar Express, by Nappy Solo & the Others:
  + When I Join the Wrong Side
  + Understanding For Dogs

XPLANE | The visual thinking company, is a group of artists, designers, thinkers and programmers dedicated to turning complexity into clear, effective, visual communication.

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