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The xblog, located at http://xplane.com/xblog/, is a place to find (*mostly) visual communication links: Web design, Web development, art, creativity, new media, information design, graphic design, logos, symbols, typography, photography, information graphics, illustration, interface design, usability, technology, language, searching, media, culture, &tc... You'll find old and new resources here.

The archives are arranged by subject and date and contain many more link resources than just the daily effort. You should have JavaScript on to use the menus. The menu tells you how large the monthly archive pages are and how many entries they contain — Nov 1999 (183k/182) means the page is 183k and has 182 links. Send contributions and suggestions to bkeaggy@xplane.com.

Each page has a link at the top called “This page's link summary.” It's just a little JavaScript that writes all the URLs on the page in a new window so you can browse the links that way. That's all. It's just a bell. Or a whistle.

Like I said, the xblog has a visual thinking / visual communication / design focus. But you will find other topics here: the internet and technology, of course. Sites and tips for searching the Web. Music. History. Space. Privacy. Even food and beverages. Whatever catches my eye and whatever I think someone will find useful or interesting. Obviously, I cannot read every page of every site I link to. So I can't help it if something weird turns up. And a link here is not an endorsement by me or XPLANE unless I say something like “this is great!” It just means “check this out — maybe it'll be useful or interesting to you, maybe not, I don't know.”

You don't have to think of the xblog as a corporate weblog just because it's part of the XPLANE site, although it's definitely not a personal journal or anything like that. I just wanted to start a weblog/link collection that had a very tight focus on visual communication. Not just Web design. Not just usability. Not just programming ... But not just a random collection of links. Visual communication, in all forms, is something all of us benefit from. And should learn more about.

So, unlike a lot of other weblogs, there will not be much personal commentary. I probably won't be letting you know how the taco I had for lunch was, or what kind of mood I'm in. There's enough of that — and other people do it better anyway.

I'm just looking for good links.

Thanks. Pass it along.
Bill Keaggy | XPLANE

Because people are asking, the name xblog is just a combination of XPLANE and weblog.

Note: I promise never to type out the word “Sigh” when posting something distressing or disappointing.

btw, you can get the xblog's daily visual thinking links in your mailbox. Go to http://xblog.listbot.com/. It's easy to subscribe and/or unsubscribe.

Privacy statement: Your eMail address is strictly confidential and will never be used for any purpose other than to send you these cool links.

Disclaimer: XPLANE provides the links on the xblog pages as an information resource. XPLANE is not responsible for the content of the web sites the xblog links to.

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