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LOVEMARKS.COM | February 2, 2001 | “A Lovemark is a challenge that will be taken up by many and achieved by few. It may be a great experience, a person, a product, a stunning event or a profound belief. It is a state of grace that emerges from a commitment to mystery, sensuality and love. It irrevocably binds you with the desires and aspirations of your customers, your members, your believers. It's the emotional connection that lets you go out and conquer the world.”

brandbots | September 28, 2000 | “A collection of robots built out of packages.” Thanks Boing Boing.

National Signs of the Times Museum | September 7, 2000 | “The National Signs of the Times Museum was founded to inform and educate the general public as well as business and special interest groups of the history of the sign industry and its significant contribution to commerce and the American landscape. The purpose of the National Signs of the Times Museum is to preserve, archive and display a historical collection of signs in their many types and forms.”

Itemize Your Brand | August 16, 2000 | “The following are some of the larger promotional firms out of the 4,500 members listed on Promotional Products Association International's Web site.”

The Evolution of Brand Strategy | August 10, 2000 | “The Changing Roles of Identity and Navigation Design: As the Web continues to be integrated into the world of business, it is increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves through brand strategies that exhibit clear messages and provide fulfilling user experiences. The most successful brand strategies take advantage of the Web medium, using well-designed identity and navigation systems that showcase a site's purpose and provide the infrastructure for an intuitive user interface. This gives Web designers newfound inroads into the conception of a company's brand.”

Lucent Avaya 'formed of letters that fit together and enhance one another' | July 13, 2000 | “'You will not find this name in the dictionary,' said Donald Peterson, Lucent chief executive. 'It is up to us to fill it with meaning.' The name is 'Avaya' pronounced uhv-EYE-uh, a made-up word for Lucent's loss-making enterprise networking division, which is in the process of being hived off as a separate company. Unfortunately for the person who briefed Peterson, the word can be found in the Jain dictionary.”

TICK TOCK TOYS | June 16, 2000 | “Archives and Galleries... a cavalcade of images and ideas (1950s-1970s)” including old food packaging, store displays, premiums, fast food giveaways, cartooon characters, games, Disneyland and more.

The Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots | June 16, 2000 | “The following page are filled with cast-off mascots — humanoid creatures who once served as advertising emmisaries in newspapers and magazines. Most of these products are dead, leaving their mascots orphaned; in many cases, the mascots were cast off to satiate the public's taste for something new. None of them were particularly sucessful, or even well-loved. It's hard to love the frightening face of Pepeco Pete, or want to be embraced by the razor-blade arms of Pal, the Shaving Boy. But they tried hard, day in, day out.”

Online Branding | June 9, 2000 | “A Brand is not an Identity. Brands have always been experiences — especially before television and the 50s. A Brand is built from a variety of different experiences: Brands make a promise and must fulfill that promise. Strong brands are often more like religions.” By Nathan Shedroff.

What's In A Name? | June 5, 2000 | Branding Your Company, Product, or Service: “One of the most important business decisions you will ever make is what to name your company, its products and services. Studies show that as much as 75% of all consumer purchases are made because of a name, or more specifically, a brand. A successful brand can fetch a 20% to 30% premium in the marketplace. It can make a company more profitable and much easier to sell when the time comes. Whole companies are acquired just because of a successful brand. In short, the name of your company and/or its flagship product may turn out to be your #1 asset.”

The Web and enterprise identity, part 2 | May 4, 2000 | “Does your organization's current Web sites make you look calm, controlled, confident, and responsible? Cohesive, comprehensive design transcends immediate commercial objectives.”

eNormicom | April 25, 2000 | “Look, we don't want to waste your time...or ours. You must be determined to create massive economic results in the next 10 minutes. Ready? Then read on. It takes a lot to differentiate your brand in today's 'me too' world of electronic business solutions. At eNormicom, we create and develop campaigns that break through the chatter clearly and consistently. Is your company having an e-dentity crisis? Then you need the eNormicom Image Bucket Program™...”

Explaining the “NT” firms | April 14, 2000 | I wish I had done that.

Silence of the Brands | March 23, 2000 | “Turn on your TV or radio, or just walk through the local mall and listen. Broadcast sound is everywhere. It is deliberately and painstakingly designed to induce laughter, to make you feel good and linger just a little longer while adding yet another item to your shopping cart or making a mental note to dash out and buy another product. In traditional media, sound is an integral persuasive element of the branding and buying experience. Now sit in front of your computer monitor and log onto the Web. Notice the difference? While logos twirl and Shockwave movies flutter, sound additions are rarely used online to create an immersive brand experience.”

Branding with sound | March 23, 2000 | “Quick — hum the Intel logo. Amazing how quickly those four notes — and the company behind them — come to mind, isn't it? Intel has spent billions of dollars making sure that you associate those notes with its corporate identity every time you hear them: on the radio, on TV... and on the Web. Surprisingly, very few companies seem to have noticed that catchy jingles and memorable theme songs are as effective in the online realm as in traditional media. An established brand is perhaps the most valuable asset a business can claim, yet when the brands that large corporations have spent billions of dollars building are extended to the Web, they mysteriously become mute.”

WORDLAB | Feb 15, 2000 | Inverting the English language. “Are you looking for a great name or slogan for your business or project? Well you've just landed plunk in the Holy Grail of free slogans, naming and wordplay. WordLab, the Last Word for unique and inspiring words, names, titles, coinages, puns, phrases, slogans and slang... from the ridiculous to the sublime.”

You Name It! | Feb 14, 2000 | “A practical guide to naming products, services, businesses, divisions, stores, magazines, newsletters, domain names and just about anything else except babies.” Via magnetbox.

Guy Kawasaki on branding | Feb 8, 2000 | “Two things can kill a brand. Ironically, they are sort of opposites: over-extension and under utilization. Over extension is a result of brand arrogance. That is, the belief that one's brand is so strong that you can slap it on anything and the dumb consumer will buy it... Under-utilization is when you don't exercise a brand. You let it go dormant. You don't enhance and innovate the product or service...” Via evhead.

The Right Name Is Critical For Upstart Dot-Coms | Jan 20, 2000 | “Andrew Busey felt like he had a hot idea for a business: a Web site that sold bookshelves, beds and other furniture. But the name Mr. Busey was using for the company, he knew, was an unequivocal dud. 'ForMyHome.com didn't roll off one's tongue,' he says. So like dozens of budding Internet entrepreneurs, the 28-year-old Mr. Busey embarked on the increasingly tricky chore of finding a better company name.”

Apple Corporate Rebranding Confirmed | Jan 5, 2000 | “Apple [is] in transition to a major corporate rebranding that should be completed and announced or made evident at January's Macworld Expo. According to sources, Apple will indeed follow in the footsteps of the Sonys and Nikes by alter its name from 'Apple Computer, Inc.' to 'Apple Inc.' or just plain 'Apple.' All Apple products from that day forth will be marked with the new brand. Additionally, there was talk of some changes being made to the Apple logo, though according to sources this will be no more than what most Apple folks have already been exposed to.”

Despite Appearances, Dot-Com Companies Spend Ad Dollars Effectively | Nov 9, 1999 | “It often seems these days as if dot-com companies are peddling their wares by buying up every moment of commercial time and every inch of advertising space everywhere from matchbooks to cyberspace to the Super Bowl. Actually, those purchases are usually the result of decisions made by specialists in media planning and buying, who despite appearances, are trying to spend finite amounts of money as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

ClickZ: Do You Really Understand Branding On The Web? | Archive | “The other night I was shocked out of my made-for-TV-movie-induced stupor by a truly vile commercial for Outpost.com.”

ClickZ: Musings On A Brand's Surface Area | Archive | “Your brand's web presence offers (or should offer) all manner of ways for people to click on it, navigate through it, be amused and informed by it. With this come risk and opportunity.”

ZDNet: Spiral Branding: What You *Must* Know to Prosper in the Coming Decade | Archive | “The marketing world is in an uproar over the implications of the Internet. As Business Week reported, 'harnessing the Internet to build and maintain brands has become the Holy Grail of marketing.' ”

ChannelSeven.com | Archive | Internet Marketing and Web Advertising.

A List Apart — Brand that site | Archive | “Build the most navigable, information-filled site in the world, and if it lacks a strong, consistent identity, nobody will remember it, nobody will tell their friends about it, nobody will bother to bookmark it and return.”

Rob Frankel: Branding in the Fourth Dimension | Archive | “...the Fourth Dimension, my personal favorite, where the gravitational pull of market forces stretch and shape your brand, producing a relevance your prospects find intriguing. It can be a quality claim. A product attribute. But whatever you choose, it has to be memorable, compelling and powerful enough to grab your prospects by the lapels, lift them off the floor and tell them they'd be complete dolts for choosing anyone other than you for whatever it is you're selling...”

Site Credits Hard to Come By | Archive | “Not long ago, Web sites were often signed by the firms that created them, just as if they were blueprints or television shows. A subtle 'designed by' link on the client's home page took people to the firm's Web site. But the home-page site credit has been disappearing over the past couple of years, falling victim to the Web's increasing strategic importance, as well as the burgeoning complexity of the design process...”

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