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FindArticles.com | November 29, 2000 | “FindArticles is a specialized search engine designed to help you quickly and easily find published articles on the topics that interest you. Our database has hundreds of thousands of articles from more than 300 magazines and journals, dating back to 1998. FindArticles even brings some print-only publications to the Web for the first time.”

Journalism On The Web Has No Future | August 31, 2000 | “Click onto any of the Web's major (or minor) news sites today and you'll see the results: Journalism on the Web is a rich layer cake of strongly written content, fast-breaking news, fresh analysis, interactives, hyperlinks, community access and multimedia add-ons that include video streaming, graphic simulations and user-directed virtual tours of everything from yesterday's Republican convention to tomorrow's space station prototype. It's global in scope and available to you anytime you want it. And millions of Americans do want it. Yet the funny thing is: It has no future.”

Slashdot.org Lite | June 22, 2000 | Ahhhh... that's better...

Online News All About Text | May 8, 2000 | “Preliminary analysis of research conducted by Stanford University and The Poynter Institute indicates that text plays a more important role than graphics as entry points for online news. Compared with similar research into newspaper reading patterns conducted by Poynter 10 years ago, these latest findings suggest some of the differences between reading from a screen and reading from a printed page. The earlier study found that readers of print newspapers look first at the lead art element on the page, then move their eyes to the biggest headline on the page. The Stanford-Poynter study of online readership found readers often fixating first on news briefs or captions.” Here's Steve Outing's view and an article from Wired.

The Top 100 Works of Journalism In the U.S. in the 20th Century | April 14, 2000 | “As selected by Madeleine Blais, Alan Brinkley, David Brinkley, Lydia Chavez, Karen Durbin, Clay Felker, Jeff Greenfield, Pete Hamill, Mary McGrory, Nancy Maynard, Eric Newton, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Gene Roberts, Morley Safer, David Shaw, George Will and Ben Yagoda; and the New York University Journalism faculty.”

PersonalReader.com | April 6, 2000 | “PersonalReader Inc. was founded in 1999 by two veteran journalists, Emory Thomas and Mark Matassa, who wanted to create a better way to access the vast world of information available on the Internet. Based in Seattle, PersonalReader.com produces daily Web guides across a wide range of topics, including politics, parenting, technology, health and more. Every day, beginning late at night after new material is posted, they sift through reams of media and then produce concise, qualitative summaries of the best reporting and writing available on each PersonalReader topic, with links to the source material.”

Interactive Features of Online Newspapers | March 22, 2000 | “Ritual and publicity models of communication provide a theoretical basis for studying interactivity of online newspapers. An operational definition of interactivity is developed and applied to an empirical study of 100 online newspapers.”

WebSites for Journalists | March 8, 2000 | A lotta lotta links. “An annotated introduction to selected web pages of value to journalists.”

TV News Archive | March 6, 2000 | “The Television News Archive collection at Vanderbilt University is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. The collection holds more than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming. These special reports and periodic news broadcasts cover presidential press conferences and political campaign coverage, and national and international events such as the Watergate hearings, the plight of American hostages in Iran, and the Persian Gulf war.”

Newspaper reporters defecting to dot-coms | Feb 29, 2000 | “With the increase of online publications over the past few years, Web sites are hungry for content and for people who can produce it. Higher salaries and more freedom for creativity often prove irresistible to journalistic job-seekers. The result is that traditional print newspapers may be facing an uncertain future in the competition for editorial talent.”

Would You Ever Read A Newspaper Again? | Feb 25, 2000 | By JonKatz. “Papers seem seem almost stupefyingly oblivious to the fact that they aren't in the breaking news business anymore. Fifteen to 24 hours after CNN and innumerable websites reported that George W.Bush would soundly thump John McCain in South Carolina, most newspapers reported the news on page one the next morning as if none of their readers had heard it before, despite the fact that almost all of them had.” (This is an extremely large /. page.)

eCompany Now | Feb 25, 2000 | “...a new, San Francisco-based media company from the Fortune Group at Time Inc., a Time-Warner Company. eCompany Now's aim is to become the straight-talking, sophisticated companion to business people who face the risks and opportunities the Web brings to the business world. The goal of the eCompany Now magazine is to deliver great journalism that explains the successes (and failures) of companies great and small as they come to terms with the Web. We will look at the technology trends and discern what's real and long-lasting, and what's not. Watch for it in early May.”

EzineUniversity | Feb 23, 2000 | “EzineUniversity exists to help you become a successful E-Zine Publisher. Several leading online experts share their expertise with you in this educational forum. Take a look around and learn how to start or improve your e-publications.”

Postnet.com wins EPpy for best entertainment site | Feb 12, 2000 | Congratulations to my former coworkers at postnet.com. Good job! “Postnet.com's entertainment section was named the best in a newspaper online service at Editor & Publisher's 5th annual EPpy awards banquet Friday night in New Orleans. The award honors newspaper new media work around the world. The other finalists in that category were the Mercury Center's Just Go site, based in San Jose, Calif., and the Dallas Morning News' GuideLive. Postnet.com also was a finalist for the EPpy award for best promotion of a newspaper online service. That award went to the Chicago Tribune's Metromix.”

Statistics Every Writer Should Know | Jan 20, 2000 | “Numbers can't 'talk,' but they can tell you as much as your human sources can. But just like with human sources, you have to ask! So what should you ask a number? Well, mathematicians have developed an entire field — statistics — dedicated to getting answers out of numbers. Now, you don't have to have a degree in statistics in order to conduct an effective 'interview' with your data. But you do need to know a few basics. Here, described in plain English, are some basic concepts in statistics that every writer should know...”

CJR — Who Owns What | Jan 12, 2000 | “Media companies continue to grow, and a shrinking number of them shape what we view and read. What does that mean for journalists — and for the nation? Here are some tools for thinking about that. First, an essay on media concentration by Tom Goldstein, dean of Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Next, an essay on the Viacom/CBS merger by New York University's Mark Crispin Miller. And finally, Who Owns What, CJR's Web guide to what the major media companies own.”

MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet | Jan 11, 2000 | “Links to over 9000 radio stations. This is a list of radio stations that have information published about them available on the Internet. If a radio station is not on this list it is because I am unaware that it has a web page. If it has a web page, please let me know the URL and I will happily add it to the list.” Thanks Brian.

Wired Magazine and Wired Web site may rejoin | Jan 4, 2000 | “Wired magazine and Wired News, a daily news service, could soon be reunited, the San Francisco Examiner reported last week. Advance Publishing, current owner of the magazine, may purchase the www.wired.com URL address from Lycos Inc. for close to $15 million, the newspaper reported.”

MISCmedia | Nov 18, 1999 | A daily report on popular culture by Clark Humphrey.

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture | Nov 12, 1999 | “At M/C, we aim to offer our own condiments to this global stew. M/C is a journal of media and culture, created at the University of Queensland, Australia, and published electronically on the Web, but like the Net it is neither fully academic writing nor entirely popular culture; similarly, we are neither exclusively covering Internet-related topics nor ignoring them altogether. Put positively, we are concerned with the goings-on in today's media and culture environments, whatever form they take, and add our own observations to the cauldron of opinions that is the Net.”

AJR NewsLink | Archive | A “magazine that critiques and reports on the media.” Over 9000 links to newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV stations, broadcasters and news services online.

FACSNET | Archive | FASCNET is a "service for journalists that includes background information on many complex issues, tools for taming the Internet, and other aids for researching stories and understanding public policy issues.

Electronic Journalist | Archive | The website of the Society of Professional Journalists. Features information on the society, membership, and news, as well as articles and “one of the most complete sources of information about the Freedom of Information Act on the Web.”

reporter.org | Archive | “Reporter.org was conceived by Investigative Reporters & Editors as a way to provide a variety of resources to journalists, journalism educators, and the public at large via the web.”

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. | Archive | “IRE provides educational services to reporters, editors and others interested in investigative journalism and works to maintain high professional standards.” Information on membership, training and conferences, story and tipsheets of the week, and a resource center with over 15,000 investigative stories.

CNN | Archive | The website is better than the cable channel.

New York Times | Archive | Requires you to sign up (free) to read most articles. Archives are searchable through the past 365 days, but you'll have to cough up $2.50 for full text version.

AP's The Wire | Archive | “Real” journalists get their news “hot off the wire,” and here you can too. But that still doesn't make you a real journalist.

Reuters | Archive | Another major source for global financial information and news.

The Boston Globe | Archive | Boston's finest; part of the large boston.com community news, information and resource network.

Los Angeles Times | Archive | The best from the west.

MSNBC | Archive | The cable channel may be the joke of those in mass media, but the website is one of the best in complete coverage of breaking news. They also claim to be the #1 Internet news site; I don't know if that's exactly right, but they're pretty close.

BBC World Service | Archive | One of the best sources for global news.

San Jose Mercury News | Archive | No_summary_yet

postnet.com / St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Archive | No_summary_yet

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