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Crossing the Chasm Review | January 26, 2001 | “The point of greatest peril in the development of a high-tech market lies in making the transition from an early market dominated by a few visionary customers to a mainstream market dominated by a large block of customers who are predominantly pragmatists in orientation. The gap between these two markets, heretofore ignored, is in fact so significant as to warrant being called a chasm, and crossing this chasm must be the primary focus of any long-term high-tech marketing plan. A successful crossing is how high-tech fortunes are made; failure in the attempt is how they are lost.”

Marketing vs. Usability | December 14, 2000 | Warning: Online PowerPoint presentation (short). “What we do is all about communication, right?”

The Power of Viral Marketing | November 9, 2000 | Marketing for the user: “Did you know that when one person has a good online experience, he or she will turn around and tell 12 more people? By the same token, if that person has a bad experience, 12 others will also know about it. Opinion Research Corporation International (ORCI) found that users told an average of 12 other people about an online shopping experience. This is the dynamic that powers viral marketing.”

All about Memes | September 20, 2000 | Or, Your Elevator Pitch is Much Too Long. “Getting people to remember you and your position is essential for effective marketing. To be truly memorable, your message must be simple, clear, and compelling — much more concise than even the 'elevator pitch' that many of us have rehearsed. It must be distilled down to a 'meme' — an idea so simple and eloquent that it needs no explanation. It becomes an audio logo, something so clear and simple that your positioning comes across in a single phrase or sentence.” Well... how about a picture, huh?!

Hits and Myths | August 30, 2000 | “Since its inception a few years ago, the mavens of Net marketing have promised the world to online consumers: 'one-to-one' relationships and offers tailored to your every taste or preference; pop-up ads, 'interstitial' ads, and banner ads of every stripe tailored to your data profile; emails crammed with ads themselves; and so on. And they screamed loud enough — on television ads and billboards around the country — for everyone to hear. Truth is, the multimillion-dollar dot-com marketing budgets still haven't delivered much bang for their buck, and Wall Street and consumers are losing patience. Here's a look at what's working, what's not, and the people behind the scenes of online marketing who are driving change.”

Itemize Your Brand | August 16, 2000 | “The following are some of the larger promotional firms out of the 4,500 members listed on Promotional Products Association International's Web site.”

Unleashing The IdeaVirus | July 20, 2000 | “Here's a big idea: Ideas are driving the economy. Here's a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win.” See also this Fast Company article from which the previous quote was taken, called Unleash Your Ideavirus.

TICK TOCK TOYS | June 16, 2000 | “Archives and Galleries... a cavalcade of images and ideas (1950s-1970s)” including old food packaging, store displays, premiums, fast food giveaways, cartooon characters, games, Disneyland and more.

MarcommWise | Jan 26, 2000 | “Your source for marketing communication knowledge.” Check out the Knowledge Bank, Profit Calculators and Resources sections.

The name game: How companies get their names | Dec 2, 1999 | “Welcome to the vicious world of corporate name-creation, where $75,000 buys you a suffix and competing shops slur each other over the virtues of Agilent and Avilant.”

PRIZM — YOU ARE WHERE YOU LIVE | Nov 25, 1999 | “People with similar lifestyles tend to live near one another. PRIZM describes every U.S. neighborhood in terms of 62 distinct lifestyle types, called clusters. Enter your 5-digit ZIP Code to find your neighborhood's top five PRIZM lifestyle clusters.” Via Backup Brain.

Startups, Make Noise or Die | Nov 16, 1999 | “In an era when so many dot coms are going public with no profits, little revenue, and a big idea, the story of what's to come becomes all important, and the storytellers become kingmakers.”

Poorly executed market research is worse than no research at all | Nov 14, 1999 | “Companies are spending millions of dollars on Web sites, banner ads and online promotions — and skipping the much smaller investment it would take to do accurate, worthwhile market research. Why? Because it's seemingly easy and inexpensive to throw a few questions up on their site, get answers from whoever happens to go there that day, and — ta-da — they have market research. There's only one problem: The results are likely to be inaccurate, or not actionable, or both.”

12 Website Design Decisions Your Business or Organization Will Need to Make | Nov 12, 1999 | “SO YOU'RE A BUSINESS OWNER or organization director trying to design a system of Web pages? Small business? Non-profit organization? Chamber of commerce? Christian ministry organization? Association? You have unique needs. I'll try to guide you through the process. When you're finished, you'll know a lot more about what goes into webpage design. You'll also have a set of design decisions to guide your own HTML adventures or to give to your local webpage designer.”

Webmonkey: e-business: Market Research on the Web - Part 1 | Archive | “While the practice of market research may not be glamorous, the practical application of the data it provides is one of the driving forces shaping our country - like it or not.”

/MouseTracks/ | Archive | “Presents and offers commentary on some of the marketing activities and resources on the Internet.”

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