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Ian MacKaye on Salon | January 9, 2001 | “After 20 years, the Fugazi frontman and co-owner of Dischord Records is still a punk and a prince.”

alpha-z [][][][] designers and music | December 16, 2000 | “If you don't already know; Alpha-Z bring you the Personal Top 10 of best Albums of All Time of different web designers and new media artists around the world.”

OpenCulture.org | September 29, 2000 | “Art should be free. Artists should be paid. OpenCulture is a new way to make books and music freely available online, while making sure that artists get fairly compensated. Using the Internet to let sponsors pool their resources, we purchase the right to enjoy and redistribute works of art on behalf of the public.”

Flaming Lips Have Landed | September 14, 2000 | O yeah. A Flaming Lips documentary by filmmaker Brad Beesley (scroll down). Here's a link straight to the .ram file. The Lips are ruling. Learn this now. Thanks Signal vs. Noise.

Lessons on business from a jazz legend | September 9, 2000 | “When you actually talk to someone who knows both jazz and management, it turns out there really is a lot to bring to the world of business from the world of music. It also turns out that most of what really applies is the exact opposite of the conventional wisdom. Fast Company found out by talking with jazz vibraphonist and educator Gary Burton.”

64 new faces for Audion | March 28, 2000 | Dang! “Here's the latest batch of amazing new interfaces created by Audion users. Only Audion looks this good. Download one and bam! Instant envy from your PC owning friends.”

Bowie Interviews Self For “NYT Magazine” | March 20, 2000 | “David Bowie has penned an article for a special section of [last] Sunday's 'The New York Times Magazine,' in which the Thin White Duke interviews himself at the age of 24. Bowie, who also appears on the cover of the 'Fashion Of The Times' insert, conducts a dialogue with his younger self (who would be in between recording 1970's 'The Man Who Sold The World' and 1972's landmark 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust' LPs) and the two discuss everything from 'A Clockwork Orange' to Cher's TV show.”

Could Stravinsky have made fonts? | March 7, 2000 | An interesting look at how experience creates technique — then how technology tries to replace technique for for everyday use by ordinary people. I wish the piece were longer...

Rapster | Feb 22, 2000 | “Rapster is the all-new, fully featured, unofficial Napster client for the MacOS. It already supports file downloads (including resumable download(s), searching, and a complete chat and private message system. Rapster also allows you to use your previously registered Napster account or register a new one. And even better, it's completely FREE!”

MP3 news from moreover.com | Feb 22, 2000 | Well, that's pretty self-explanatory. MP3 news.

homerecording.com | Feb 22, 2000 | “This is the place you've been looking for: the knowledge center for anyone interested in recording and mixing their own music CDs and MP3s in their own home recording studio, or garage or basement. You might want to do it yourself to save money, have more artistic control, or to learn the music business...”

Vinylium dubplate cutter | Feb 16, 2000 | Is burning your own CDs just too common now? Then wax your own records.

MP123 :: Your MP3 is a person away | Jan 22, 2000
| Everyone thinking 'lawsuit' about this one? “MP123 is about matching up people with other individuals who are interested in swapping MP3s with each other. Suppose that you have song A which you are willing to swap in return for song B, while another MP123 member has song B and is willing to exchange it for song A. MP123 is the place where you can find each other, and make that swap.”

They Know What You Listened to Last Summer on Your Car Radio | Jan 20, 2000 | “Like easy listening? Classic rock? Howard Stern? Next time you drive to a concert arena or down a freeway, your car radio could be transmitting some information of its own: your listening tastes. For the last four years, Mobiltrak, based in Birmingham, Ala., has been marketing a device that finds out what radio stations people are listening to inside their cars.”

David Bowie: Bowiebanc.com | Jan 15, 2000 | This is just weird. “Open an on-line account (checking, savings, CD) with USABancShares.com through our custom bowiebanc.com site and receive 12 months of premium access to Bowienet.”

MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet | Jan 11, 2000 | “Links to over 9000 radio stations. This is a list of radio stations that have information published about them available on the Internet. If a radio station is not on this list it is because I am unaware that it has a web page. If it has a web page, please let me know the URL and I will happily add it to the list.” Thanks Brian.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Jan 9, 2000 | I saw Iggy's duct tape shorts. Alright..

D'music SM-200C MP3 / CD Player | Jan 5, 2000 | Features: Play Audio CDs and CDs/CDRs containing MP3 files; CD Digital Audio MPEG Type; 10 Second Anti-Shock; Equalizer: Flat, Pop, Classic, Jazz and Ex-Bass; Stereo Headphone and Line Output; Remote Control (optional); Built-in Charger; Battery: 4xAA (Rechargeable or Alkaline); Dimension: 130(w)x138(d)x31(h) mm.

Macster 1.0PR | Dec 29, 1999 | “Macster is the port of a very popular Windows application Napster. Macster allows you to search and download new and upcoming music of various artists around the globe. Files downloaded with Macster can be played with any digital music player capable of decoding MP3 files. This release is a preview of things to come. Macster 1.0 final will follow shortly.”

The ZIGGY STARDUST Companion | Dec 21, 1999 | Yes. A “website that documents David Bowie's 1972 rock masterpiece, 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,' widely acclaimed as the definitive rock 'n' roll concept album and one of the most influential of the 1970s. This online guide provides detailed information about the album, the songs, the period and more.”

RareMusic on the Internet | Dec 6, 1999 | And we're not talking lame alt-rock imports! A good site.

Suzi Quatro | Dec 3, 1999 | Your momma won't like her.

CD-Recordable FAQ | Dec 2, 1999 | A big, comprehensive page by Andy McFadden.

fanremixes.com | Nov 30, 1999 | I wonder what this will become...?

PalaVista | Nov 24, 1999 | The only true digital music metacrawler on the internet.

The Flaming Lips: Zaireeka | Nov 23, 1999 | Finally listened to the Flaming Lips' 4-CD album “Zaireeka” as it was supposed to be listened to. Somehow one of the Macs' CD players ended up on random, though. Ha. Then I crashed. You must love the Lips. Get more Lips on Google.

Pavement's Singer Says London Show Was The Band's Last | Nov 23, 1999 | “Pavement's singer/guitarist Stephen Malkmus told a London audience on Saturday (11/20) that the show was the indie-rock band's last. The band's label, however, has not received a statement from the group.”

The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection | Nov 19, 1999 | “An archive of almost 1600 Ozark Mountain folk songs, recorded between 1956 and 1976. A traveling salesman from Springfield, Missouri, Hunter took his reel-to-reel tape recorder into the hills and backwoods of the Ozarks, preserving the heritage of the region by recording the songs and stories of many generations of Ozark history.”

The Napster | Nov 18, 1999 | “Napster ensures the availability of every song online by connecting you live with millions of songs found in other MP3 listeners' music collections. With Napster, you'll never come up empty handed when searching for your favorite music again.” Via linkwatcher metalog.

CDNOW Millennium Music | Nov 18, 1999 | Speaking of music, CDNOW wants you to BUY!BUY!BUY! and they've come up with a pile of 'Millenneum' Top 10 lists to get you feeling all consumerish.

Dolby Laboratories — The Sound of Home Theater | Nov 12, 1999 | This area of the Dolby site covers home theater speakers, surround-sound speaker placement and installation and operation tips.

Encoder Quality Comparison | Nov 11, 1999 | “MP3 encoding is a complex process, and as such, MP3 encoders are complex pieces of software. There are many MP3 encoding applications, and they all function differently. They all use different methods of encoding, and all vary in quality, speed, and ease of use. But when it comes down to it, the MP3 file must sound good (that's the whole point), but which one sounds the best? Read on, I hope you'll find out.” Also see the MPEG Audio News page.

Bring the Rock | News for indie fans | Archive | Daily indie-music news, gossip, links and trash talk. Dang cool music weblog.

Insound | Archive | “indiemogaragepunknoiseelectronic + essentials”

krs-radioworld | Archive | “Radio stations from all over the world.”

Rocket Fuel Online Megazine | Archive | They published an interview with the Flaming Lips and that's good enough for me.

drawerb | Archive | “New.Media.Reviews”

Nude as the News | Archive | Music site.

MP3.com | Archive | That's all I need to say.

Compact Disc Shopper's Guide | Archive | “Our guide will save you time and money. Over 60 retailers & clubs are compared for prices, selection, shipping, delivery time, and more. Current coupons and sales are posted.”

ASCAP | Archive | “ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a membership association of over 80,000 composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. ASCAP's function is to protect the rights of its members by licensing and paying royalties for the public performances of their copyrighted works.”

tourdates.com | Archive | A community created by musicians, bringing together musicians and music fans. Features dates, ticketing, local scenes, critic's corners and more.

The Billions Corporation Online | Archive | The Billions Corporation is a booking agency and management company that represents bands such as The Jesus Lizard, JSBX, Pernice Brothers, Railroad Jerk, Six Finger Satellite and many other incredible musicians. Lotsa tour and news.

Concerts Galore at Musi-Cal! | Archive Search for concert schedules for your favorite musicians, check out festival links or browse club listings

Suzi Quatro | Archive | Suzi Quatro!

Spin | Archive | The magazine.

Rolling Stone | Archive | The magazine.

rockazine.com | Archive | “This is a real audio rock music entertainment web site we can't check your id- but if you're under the age of 18 we're sure your parents wouldn't want you to surf here.” Pretty cool. Interface needs work.

chickenisgoodfood.com | Archive | Lovely online 'zine.

WaxPeddler | Archive | A new site dedicated to the sale and trade of hard to find music releases.

Sam 'n' Ella's Punk Rock Cafe | Archive | Yes. Punk. Rock. Yes.

Music News Of The World | Archive | Comprehensive and entertaining, MNOTW is basically a great site.

The Ultimate Band List | Archive | The one. The only. And it's designed rather well, too. Part of the Artist Direct Network that includes iMusic, Downloads Direct, Artist Direct and the SuperStore.

bowieNET. | Archive | Bowie. Yes.

kissthisguy.com | Archive | The archive of misheard lyrics.

Music Dictionary | Archive | This is a music dictionary with lots of definitions and explanations of musical terms such as Tertian harmony, Mancando and Appoggiatura. Also features tempo terms and dynamic symbols.

Blue-Eyes.com | Archive | The unofficial site.

Sinatra Family Album | Archive | The official site.

On Now | Archive | Live online events. A lot more than just music.

Volkswagon Jetta Music | Archive | From that cool “Synchronicity” commercial.

Anyway Records | Archive | Indie label site. Based in Columbus, Ohio.

A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States | Archive | A selective online chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned, suppressed, or altered against the wishes of its creators.

MPEGRadio Panel | Archive | Rotating songs. Minimalist design.

www.radiohead.com | Archive | Yep.

www.beck.com | Archive | It's Beck.

The Afghan Whigs | Archive | Afghan Whigs make sleazy good sounds.

Creeper Lagoon | Archive | Cool S.F. band.

The //Skyway\\ The Replacements | Archive | Dedicated to one of the best bands ever.

Verbena / Shaped Like A Gun | Archive | Verbena rocks, man.

imagineradio | Archive | Dang cool customizable Web radio.

KDHX FM88 | Archive | St. Louis Community Radio.

Underground Radio 3WK - Internet Only Alternative Radio! | Archive | “...if you're a serious alternative rock fan, 3WK will be your savior. The site's live-streaming radio is guaranteed to be better than anything you'll hear on the commercial wasteland of FM.“ — SHIFT Magazine

LiveConcerts.com - Lobby | Archive | Internet concerts.

Broadcast.com | Archive | Now part of Yahoo!, these folks stream audio and video all over the place.

supersphere | Archive | “Out of the cold digital space of the Internet, Supersphere.com offers bright, vital, unique webcasts for the discerning countercultural audience. With the combined, diverse talents of non-mainstream artists, we bring you the 'Supersphere.com Experience,' constantly updated at the speed of bytes.”

The Music of the Internet | Archive | On-the-fly compositions based on your IP address. Go now!

Internet FM - Sports, Talk Radio, and Music on the WWW | Archive | Specialty radio programs “Over-the-Air” and in RealAudio. Mostly sports.

PureRadio | Archive | News, charts, chat, reviews, etc...

CDnow | Archive | The music store.

Artist Direct | Archive | All kinds of music stuff. Too much to list.

Midheaven Mailorder | Home | Archive | Midheaven Mailorder, a division of Revolver USA Distribution. They sell independent label compact discs, vinyl, cassettes, 7" singles, magazines, videos and t-shirts.

Drag City Records | Archive | Label home page.

CRYPT RECORDS - EUROPE | Archive | Label home page.

MERGE RECORDS | Archive | Label home page. Here's the old one.

IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) | Archive | “IT ALL STARTED AT A TIME WHEN COMPANIES WEREN'T FORMED IN GARAGES. BANDS WERE. It was back in the good old days - 1993 - when Jeff Patterson and a couple of friends formed the Ugly Mugs. They yearned to play their finely honed tunes like 'Cold Turd on a Paper Plate" and 'Abracadaver' for more than a few drunks in a bar. So, they hacked together a pretty cool web site called the Internet Underground Music Archive, IUMA for short. (As you can see, they suck at naming bands, songs and web sites). The idea caught on, and soon a few thousand of their friends' bands joined them.”

Pitchforkmedia | Archive | Cool reviews, interviews, etc...

Riffage | Archive | Riffage.com offers a large selection of authorized digital music, both for free as well as for purchase via download from the Internet.

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