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We have a variety of eMail forms to suit your specific need. You'll also find our phone number and address here. Use whichever you prefer.

We're located in a beautiful, three-story restored mansion in the historic Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. And there are whiteboards, fireplaces and Aeron chairs everywhere. We also have an office in San Francisco.


“...I prefer the phone...”

Hello? | The fastest way to get in touch? Call 800/750-6467. We're located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA — and we're on Central time, with business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our fancy phone system will direct you to the right person or a friendly guy named Jeff will say hi and connect you to who you're looking for.
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Project inquiry | Are you interested in learning more about XPLANE? Think you might want to hire us to help you out on a project? Curious about how we work or what we cost? Use this form and we'll be touch with you — quickly.
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I'm looking for a job | Are you a talented freelancer? Are you a university student looking for an interesting internship? Get in touch! We're not hiring full-time positions at the moment but we would love to hear from you and put your résumé on file.
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Feedback on the web site | Please feel free to report broken links, scripts and images using this form. In fact, if you see anything fishy on the site we'd love it if you let us know. Conversely, if you want to drop us a compliment, we'd appreciate that too.
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Just saying hello! | Maybe you just stopped by and wanted to say hi?
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Some other reason | “I have no idea why I want to get in touch with XPLANE, I just do.” No, seriously, if your inquiry doesn't fall into any of the above categories then go ahead and use this form. Thanks.
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“...our address for postal mail or visiting...”

Here's a map | We're located in a beautiful, three-story restored mansion in the historic Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. And there are whiteboards, fireplaces and Aeron chairs everywhere. We also have an office in San Francisco.
    » XPLANE Corp.
    » 809 Geyer Ave.
    » St. Louis, MO
    » 63104


An important note: If you're looking for information about X-PLANE, the computer software flight simulator, you've come to the wrong place. Their web site is located at x-plane.com. That's x dash plane dot com. Tell 'em we sent ya. And please tell whoever sent you here to fix their link. Thanks.
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Need to sort through your value story and find points of differentiation? Need a clear and concise visual story for your product or business? Just call 800/750-6467 or choose an option below to fill out a simple form:
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On technology: “We cherish the fact that people are innately curious, playful, and creative. Therefore, we suspect that technology will not go away: It's too much fun.” —John Thackara
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XPLANE | The visual thinking company is internationally recognized for our simple, clear visual explanations of complex business issues. We help you take the latent knowledge capital in your organization and turn it into a rich, living library of visual maps and stories, available on demand at the point of need.

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