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“...the most powerful method...”

“These days, people don't have a lot of time to read all about a product. When FloNetwork needs to get decision-makers up to speed on our product fast, we bring in XPLANE. They provide us with the most powerful method of visualizing our technology. And the results have been fantastic. We now have a consistent, compelling visual format for illustrating all our new product introductions. And as we expand to new markets, XPLANE is helping us better connect with a global audience in a simple, clear and compelling way.”
    » Peter Evans — Vice President Marketing
    » Visit: FloNetwork Inc.


“...a crucial component...”

“XPLANE has been a crucial component in helping INTERSHOP explain its business models and technical architecture. We had many different illustrations before and always had consistency problems. Now, the XPLANATiONS that XPLANE created are used universally throughout our global company. They have helped every employee understand our business processes and be able to coherently explain those processes to any customer.”
    » Heidi Knightstep — Advertising and Creative Manager
    » Visit: INTERSHOP


“...effectively communicate with our investors and clients...”

“BlueSentinel provides a legal/financial service for international trade. Since the product is innovative and combines several traditional processes, it isn't easy to understand. In order to highlight the benefits and comparative advantages of our service, we needed a straightforward and elegant way to explain our product. XPLANE's 'visual thinking' consultants worked with us in preparing an outstanding XPLANATiON which has helped us to effectively communicate with our investors and clients.”
    » Rene Yamin — COO
    » Visit: BlueSentinel


“...capture the essence...”

“XPLANE was able to capture the essence of what LiveData does in clear, crisp XPLANATiONS. I'm convinced XPLANE's work has been a key factor in our growth and success. Anyone who needs to communicate the value proposition of a complex product, service, or solution ought to go to XPLANE.”
    » Jeff Robbins — President & CEO
    » Visit: LiveData, Inc.


“...absolutely FANTASTIC...”

“The XPLANE Digimarc XPLANATiON is GREAT. Digimarc's CEO started every presentation with it... I have to tell you that XPLANE was absolutely FANTASTIC to work with — especially considering the tight timeframe we were working under. I am utterly impressed and have been recommending you guys to everyone.”
    » Rebecca Haas — Account Manager, The Weber Group
    » Representing: Digimarc


“...high-impact marketing tool...”

“Telling our story to prospects and the media has always been a serious challenge. With one XPLANATiON, XPLANE gave us a high-impact marketing tool that not only describes our complex service but also illustates the value that EmployeeMatters provides to its customers. We're sure this will go a long way to help people understand and get excited about EmployeeMatters. If we could draw a picture to thank XPLANE any more, we would.”
    » Dave Mendelson — Manager, Client Acquisition
    » Visit: EmployeeMatters


“...invaluable, very creative...”

“XPLANE helped Clareon describe a complex business process with simple terms and clever XPLANATiONS our customers, prospects, vendors and partners could understand and appreciate. In addition, their work has proven invaluable in helping us position our product vis-à-vis our competition. We have used their work in multiple applications including our website, printed collateral material and sales presentations. Working with XPLANE has been a very easy process. They worked comfortably on a very steep learning curve and used a very creative approach to addressing our issue.”
    » David A. Goldberg
    » Visit: Clareon


“...innovation, success...”

“XPLANE's people are creative, talented and dedicated to delivering great work. They brought just what we were looking for to our project, one great innovation after another. That's what made our project a success.”
    » Peter Gray
    » James Burke's Connections


“...tremendous, elegant...”

“XPLANE helped us develop content and XPLANATiONS for our most recent fund launch, the Munder @Vantage fund. At the outset we knew this project would involve many different messages and media types. As is typically the case we were dealing with an impossibly short deadline. XPLANE greatly exceeded our expectations, delivering creative and insightful XPLANATiONS and text on or before deadline. Further, they provided tremendous production help without the unpleasant surprises that we have encountered with other partners. I highly recommend this creative team to anyone looking to illustrate a complex or difficult concept in an elegant way.”
    » Paul Cook — CFA — Senior Portfolio Manager, Munder @Vantage Fund
    » Visit: Munder Capital Management



“We used XPLANE to significantly advance our customers' understanding of our company. They are creative, can-do and fabulous. XPLANE's information architecture skills, talents and sensibilities are the best. Innovative companies need XPLANE's help to tell their story in this complex, ever changing, fast paced, visual and dynamic world.”
    » Michael Doyle — Chairman & CEO
    » Visit: memestreams

“...graphical virtuosity...”

“XPLANE's graphical virtuosity is well known and self-evident from its portfolio. Less obvious, but tremendously beneficial, is its ability to help companies define and refine marketing messages. Before committing ideas to pixels, XPLANE provided tremendous value to us in a horrifically condensed time frame as we worked side by side to clarify our brand concepts and the sort of XPLANATiONS that would best convey them. Imagine what they can do if you grant them enough time!”
    » David Zweig — VP, Business Development
    » Visit: memestreams



“I loved the final product. In fact, I asked Marketing to produce the piece in mass quantities as soon as possible to use it in lieu of the collateral we were using.

The feedback from Marketing was phenomenal. They said your team was easy to work with, responsive, fast and they loved the end result. My perspective (sales being marketing's customer in this case) is you “got it.”

I asked them to be completely honest with me about their experience working with your team so that I could provide some honest feedback; constructive and complimentary. Having said that, they could not think of any constructive feedback, just kudos. If you ever need a reference, it sounds like you can use us! ;)”
    » Pam Nicastro — Senior Director, Sales
    » Visit: NewChannel


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