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XPLANATiONS: How XPLANATiONS work (Case studies)
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XPLANATiONS are visual roadmaps that help people fully understand complex business issues. When people understand something, they are more “comfortable to buy,” whether it's a complex product, change initiative, new process, or even an entire company they're buying.


When people understand they make decisions, leading to increased sales, lower costs, happier customers and faster cycle times.

XPLANATiONS help your company communicate clearly — and visually — with your employees, customers, partners, investors and the media.


Case studies

...how an idea becomes an ad...

Anheuser-Busch | AB needed an XPLANATiON and an interactive presentation to help explain their “Advertising Gauntlet” to the public as the Federal government was preparing new legislation.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, interactive XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Brewing


...technically accurate, but not overly technical...

Bechtel | The series of XPLANATiONs gives Bechtel engineers and clients around the world the opportunity to appreciate and understand each other's achievements. Bechtel project managers have used the XPLANATiON as an instructional tool when presenting to local government agencies, engineering groups, and the public at large.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Engineering and Construction


...“need to know” information...

Business 2.0 | In 1997, Business 2.0 was a startup magazine directed at new media technology and business professionals. XPLANE helped the magazine to capture the imagination and loyalty of Internet entrepreneurs and business leaders by giving them “need to know” information about the new economy without wasting their time.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, character development
    » Industry: Publishing


...a business-to-business e-community...

BuyPlastics | A business-to-business, design, collaboration and product management e-community tailored to support the plastics industry, BuyPlastics needed to describe its features and benefits to the different players in the industry using an XPLANATiON and an interactive XPLANATiON. BuyPlastics has since changed its name to Conferos.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, interactive XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: B2B in the plastics industry


...a visual way to demonstrate...

Digimarc | How do you show people a product whose main benefit is that it's invisible? We needed to find a visual way to demonstrate the value of Digimarc's “digital watermark.”
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Copyright protection
    » Testimonial: “absolutely FANTASTIC”


...vector graphics? raster images?...

Flash vs. GIF | We wanted to create XPLANATiONS that described the differences between Flash, or vector-based graphics, and GIFs, or raster images. Both of these are common graphics formats for use on the web.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, interactive XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Visual communication


...revenues increased by 587%...

Flonetwork | Flonetwork, the maker of email marketing systems, needed to keep the sales force up-to-date with product and service offerings, and eliminate confusion in buyer's minds. XPLANE designed an XPLANATiON system that enhanced Flonetwork's selling process, beginning with the selection of a visual environment to create consistency.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Engineering and Construction


...jumping into eCommerce...

Heybridge | There are many ways to get one's business online. Heybridge needed to demonstrate the advantages of its strategy and uncover the difficulties in other methods.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, interactive XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: eCommerce


...understand the service...

iMotors | XPLANATiONS help investors, partners and customers understand the service that iMotors provides, namely, helping people buy cars via the web.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Automotive


...a new, high risk Internet fund...

MUNDER @VANTAGE | Project: MUNDER @VANTAGE, a new, high risk Internet fund for high net worth individuals. XPLANE's approach embraced the idea of risk and displayed it prominently. Instead of trying to sugar-coat the volatile nature of the fund, it used a stark red-and-black presentation and terse copy to explain the fund in a simple, clear way.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS, interactive XPLANATiONS, content, brand, direct mail
    » Industry: Investment management
    » Testimonial: “tremendous, elegant”


...help consumers make complex purchases...

Online Insight | Online Insight sells web-based software that helps consumers make complex purchases. Decision-makers are confused about the difference between the products and services offered within this marketplace. We saw an opportunity to make the buying decision easier with a series of simple illustrations that clearly described the product.
    » Services rendered: Brand, identity, sales materials, XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Customer relationship management


...bigs plans, tight deadlines...

Pulitzer Publishing | Pulitzer owns the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and many community newspapers and television stations. The Post needs to describe big plans on tight deadlines for a general audience, including city, county and rural areas.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Publishing


...context and meaning...

Sprint | Sprint needed to describe their network infrastructure with context and meaning.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Telecommunications


...helped win a $99 million grant...

St. Louis Regional Empowerment Zone | XPLANE's graphics helped describe a two-inch thick HUD proposal and helped win this organization a $99 million grant.
    » Services rendered: XPLANATiONS
    » Industry: Housing and urban development


...XML's data-linking abilities...

Wired magazine | Wired: ““We want to talk about how XML's data-linking abilities makes it easy for clusters of related businesses to connect. I envision a sprawling landscape with different neighborhoods representing the different sectors (e.g. Travel, Industrial, General Consumer/Search, Shopping, Media). I have a couple of rough flowcharts that show the connections that I can give you. I really like the work you've done for Maxim and Brill's Content and want ours to look the same.”
    » Services rendered: Illustration
    » Industry: Publishing


“...a lot of fun...”

WorkingWounded.com | Working Wounded, the syndicated column and the web site, cuts through the hoo-haw and give you solid advice on a variety of workplace issues. WorkingWounded needed a provocative new web site that helped feature its broad content — but was still a lot of fun for at-work surfers with bandwidth to spare.
    » Services rendered: Web environment, architecture and character development
    » Industry: Workplace wellness
    » Testimonial: “head and shoulders above”

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