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MUNDER Capital Management
A comprehensive XPLANATiON system can take a variety of forms. Whatever the approach, design, images and words come together to present a full, accurate picture of a situation, idea or thing, and everyone's on the same page.
Client: MUNDER Capital Management offers mutual funds, primarily through brokers. MUNDER @VANTAGE was a new, high risk Internet fund for high net worth individuals.

Challenge: The primary sellers of the fund were going to be independent brokers who were out of the direct control of Munder. If they weren't hooked, customers would never see the material.
Solution: XPLANE's approach embraced the idea of risk and displayed it prominently. Instead of trying to sugar-coat the volatile nature of the fund, we used a stark red-and-black presentation and terse copy to explain the fund in a simple, clear way.