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Munder Capital

In mid-2001, the tech bubble had burst, and Munder Capital was embarking on a roadshow to seek investment in a high-risk private equity fund. The fund focused on emerging internet companies and employed a complex investment strategy. Even in this most difficult of fund-raising environments, Munder raised $180 million and closed the fund to further investment after three months.

Before After: Investment strategy


“XPLANE helped us develop content and XPLANATiONS for the Munder @Vantage fund. XPLANE greatly exceeded our expectations, delivering creative and insightful XPLANATiONS and text on or before deadline. Further, they provided tremendous production help without the unpleasant surprises that we have encountered with other partners. I highly recommend this creative team to anyone looking to illustrate a complex or difficult concept in an elegant way.”
» Paul Cook, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | Munder Capital

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