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PeopleSoft sells software to every functional business area in nearly every industry. The number and complexity of business processes that they must understand, support and enable with their software is staggering. Salespeople must understand the value PeopleSoft provides, and be able to communicate it to prospects and customers. XPLANE works with PeopleSoft on an ongoing basis, visualizing complex business processes so they can show prospects and customers how PeopleSoft can make their businesses run better, faster and smarter.

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“PeopleSoft uses a variety of methods to document how business processes — such as order to cash and planning and performance management — work in a real time enterprise. But while room-size wall charts and interactive Flash models convey information to IT developers and business analysts, it takes a more readily understandable format to engage and communicate with a reader of a magazine or a business person in a sales meeting. That's why we worked with XPLANE to translate our real-time business processes into a format that I could use in our quarterly magazine, PeopleTalk, as well for engaging poster handouts for sales calls and events. XPLANATiONS® of PeopleSoft's real-time business processes grab people's attention and helps them focus on what's important to their work: People and processes.”
» Alan Stacy, Managing Editor, PeopleTalk Magazine | PeopleSoft, Inc.

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