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Selling to the VP of NO Selling to the VP of NO

In August 2003 we launched a new book designed to introduce basic principles of sales and entrepreneurship (Moving people from NO to GO!) to all levels of an organization. The book is uniquely designed so you can use it as an individual to improve your selling skills, or as a manager to raise the caliber and competence of your team.


Our trademarked XPLANATiONS are highly visual stories and maps that help you quickly unravel complex business issues that impact your business. XPLANATiONS can communicate either broad, strategic ideas or specific tactical issues.


Online publications

XPLANE publishes email newsletters and weblogs that cover issues of interest to our customers.

» bBlog | Culled from the Web, a frequently updated list of links likely to be of interest to sales, marketing and communications professionals.
» xBlog | A frequently updated list of links most likely to be of interest to visual thinkers, graphic designers and information architects/designers.
» Communication Nation | By XPLANE Founder & CEO Dave Gray: Communication is one of the most important skills anyone can have, in business and in life. As individuals and as a species, I believe we will be happier and more productive if we can improve our ability to communicate. This blog is dedicated to that effort.
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