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Tuesday 30 Nov 2004

The lesson clients need to learn | “The Designers Holy Triangle: Good, Fast and Cheap. Clients must choose only two out of the three options. They can’t have it all. It’s a reality of life, clients must deal with it. Designers must deal with it.”
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Newspapers Should Really Worry  | “Publishers of newspapers and magazines like to corral readers when they’re young. If you can shape kids’ info-seeking habits when they’re in their teens or twenties, so the thinking goes, you’ll nab them for life… Young people just aren’t interested in reading newspapers and print magazines.”
» Archived 8:17 AM CST in Journalism

Logogate in Connecticut | “A government agency unveils its new logo. A geometric abstraction, it intrigues some but baffles many. Eventually, the inevitable question: my tax money paid for this? Finally, the handwringing once the exorbitant fee is revealed.”
» Archived 8:16 AM CST in Graphic design

Ten Most Persistent Design Bugs | “Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang, design bugs that have been around so long that we’ve begun to think of them as folk heros. However, the usual requirement for turning a public enemy into a folk hero is death, not longevity, and so it should be for these worthies: Their executions are long overdue. These bugs aren’t necessarily fatal. The are all at minimum highly irritating, and they have all survived for a minimum of five years or five product release cycles, whichever came first.”
» Archived 8:15 AM CST in Software/Hardware

Tuesday 23 Nov 2004

Information, lessons and tutorials for technical illustration students | “This page is designed to provide helpful information, samples, lessons and tutorials for university level technical illustration students and professional technical illustrators. Hopefully, you will find the contents of this site to be of assistance in your endeavors.”
» Archived 8:36 AM CST in Illustration

Photography Optics Pages | “Here is a collection of illustrated articles on the chief causes of image degradation in photography. Currently available pages can be accessed via hyperlinks. The reader should keep in mind that the articles are more about principles of photographic optics rather than tests of specific lenses. Also, most of the phenomena have been captured on film. Since a film acts as no more than a light-sensitive medium, the examples equally apply to a digital recorder array. In the few cases where the nature of the recording medium is important, this will be emphasized.”
» Archived 8:35 AM CST in Photography

Emerging Media Audiences: The Culture of Connectedness | “This blog is about the intersection of tech-enabled social networking and emerging media audiences. Technology is pulling together personal networks of people for more persistent connectedness and giving them tools for creating and sharing content. Meanwhile, most media companies are grappling with how to capture and keep enough mind- and time-share to make a profit from target audiences. What is the connection between these trends?”
» Archived 7:47 AM CST in Journalism

Wednesday 17 Nov 2004

a weblog alphabet | “Here’s the favicons from the 560 rss feeds I read, in feedname alphabetical order… I wanted to create a weblog alphabet, so here’s just the favicon ‘letters’:”
» Archived 7:54 AM CST in Typography

Dawn2Dusk 2004 | “Often when we hear the word ‘art,’ images of paintbrushes, sketchpads and galleries enter our minds. But art is more than just paintings, extending far beyond a traditional frame to more fully convey the truths of everyday life. And a diverse mix of creative expression in Athens County aspires to just that.”
» Archived 7:51 AM CST in Art

The Man Behind the FedEx Logo | “Not long ago, I posted about the subliminal arrow in the FedEx logo. I received several emails regarding it, including one from design student, Bobby Dragulescu. Thanks to Bobby and his typography professor Leah Hoffmitz, I was put in touch with the logo’s creator: Mr. Lindon Leader of Leader Creative. Lindon kindly agreed to the following interview, which is comprised of 8 fairly intelligent questions, and 3 fairly dopey ones…”
» Archived 7:39 AM CST in Logos/Symbols

Tuesday 16 Nov 2004

MyPublisher Hardcover Books | “Think magnum. Think over-sized. Think jumbo. MyPublisher Deluxe is the Photo Book you’ve all been waiting for. Each individual page is 12-inches tall and 16-inches wide. That’s over twice the size of our original hardcover book! It’s poster-sized! Open the Deluxe up and it measures a full 32-inches wide. That’s almost a full yard of vibrant, color photos!” (Thanks Dangerous Meta!)
» Archived 8:15 AM CST in Photography

Esopus Magazine | “Esopus is a twice-yearly arts magazine featuring fresh, unmediated perspectives on the contemporary cultural landscape from artists, writers, filmmakers, playwrights, photographers, architects, designers, musicians, and other creative professionals. It includes long-form artists’ projects, critical writing, fiction, interviews, and, in each issue, a CD of specially commissioned music.”
» Archived 8:12 AM CST in Old media

How to Learn a Language | “I’ve been a linguophile for a long time, and I’m always studying a little bit of some language or another. However, it’s only recently that I’ve finally figured out the way that works best for me, with the help of modern technology. Perhaps this might help those of you who have been planning on learning a language some day.”
» Archived 8:09 AM CST in Language

Journos and Bloggers: Can Both Survive? | “Fresh from BloggerCon III, Staci D. Kramer ponders the nature of journalists and bloggers – and the myth that they are mutually exclusive. Plus: OJR Editor Robert Niles previews this weekend’s ONA conference.”
» Archived 8:07 AM CST in Journalism

Friday 12 Nov 2004

User Experience Comes in Threes | “Jeffrey Veen recently joked that ‘every consultant needs a Venn diagram.’ Turns out he was only half-kidding. The two or more overlapping circles that make up a Venn diagram are often used in mathematics to show relationships between sets. In the context of User Experience, however, Venn diagrams are frequently used to ‘quickly convey a message or vision, as a visual reminder to support change/focus, and to easily identify the cause or source of something.’” (Thanks kottke.org!)
» Archived 7:11 AM CST in Usability

Personas: Empathetic Focus | “The purpose of the Persona, I believe, is to add empathetic focus to the design. Empathetic focus. By focus I mean that the design must be clean and coherent. It is not a collection of features added willy-nilly through the life-span of the product, even if each feature by itself makes sense. Rather it is having a clear image of what the product is meant to be — and what it is not meant to be — and rejecting features that do not fit, only accepting ones that do.”
» Archived 7:01 AM CST in Personas/Scenarios

Delicious Library | “Run your very own library from your home or office using our impossibly simple interface. Delicious Library’s digital shelves act as a visual card-catalog of your books, movies, music and video games. A scan of a barcode is all Delicious Library needs to add an item to your digital shelves, downloading tons of info from the internet like the author, release date, current value, description, and even a high-resolution picture of the cover.”
» Archived 6:58 AM CST in Software/Hardware

Onload image fades without Flash | “A function to show an ‘image loading…’ message and subsequent fade-in of a photo. Inspired by the Flash-like effect on Couloir.”
» Archived 6:57 AM CST in Web design

Thursday 11 Nov 2004

DHTML Image Annotation | “An experiment in replicating Flickr-like capability, or, imitation is the highest form of flattery. My favorite feature of the Flickr photo sharing service is the ability to annotate sections of a photo, like I did with a screenshot of my PC desktop. (Mouse over that picture and you’ll see what I mean.) This is very cool, and I don’t want you to have to click through to Flickr to see it. I want to be able to annotate my own photos here on Scribbling.net.”
» Archived 8:13 AM CST in HTML/DHTML/XHTML

U.S. Election Results Maps | “The results of the U.S. presidential election have been mapped in a number of ways. For some, there are two Americas, and one of them is, um, Canada — instead of running away to Canada, some think Canada should come to them. Fun.” More, more and more.
» Archived 8:09 AM CST in Politics


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